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These resources are for teachers and students wanting to find out more about Anne Frank and her diary.

Downloadable resources

Generation Diary (Diary writing lesson plan and worksheets)

Thirteen in 13  (teaching resources to accompany the Thirteen in 13 campaign)

Writing in Impossible Circumstances (in partnership with Amnesty International)

BBC Drama "The Diary of Anne Frank". Citizenship&PSHE 

BBC Drama "The Diary of Anne Frank". Interviews&FAQs 

Official Anne Frank Webguide

Information and tips for students on putting together a project.

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The Secret Annexe Online

A 3D tour of the secret annexe provided by the Anne Frank House.

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Anne Frank Timeline

Key events in the Frank family’s lives and the publication of Anne’s diary.

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The Cultural Institute timeline

Events relating to Anne Frank: her life, her diary and her legacy.
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The Holocaust Children 

Learn more about the 1.5 million children killed during the Holocaust.

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Study notes on Anne Frank and her diary.

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Anne Frank, The Writer

An online exhibition about Anne as a writer.

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Time Magazine Article 

“The Diarist, Anne Frank”

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