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We are delighted to announce that David Cameron has signed the Anne Frank Declaration. He signed as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party. Now it's your turn, sign your copy below!


Anne frank declaration for organisations and institutions

The Anne Frank Trust has created a new version of the Anne Frank Declaration for organisations, educational and academic bodies, as well as work places, to sign up to.  Click here for the new Declaration which can be printed out as A4 or call 020 7284 5858 to arrange a work place signing event or to obtain an A3 version. 

Why not pledge as an institution?

We would love to know that you've signed the Anne Frank Declaration.


The Anne Frank Trust also has a version of the declaration suited for those who wish to pledge their support as individuals, and particularly young people. Click here to view and print the declaration for individuals.

Already signed it yourself?

We would love to know that you've signed the Anne Frank Declaration.

What are you signing up to?

Through signing the Anne Frank Declaration you are making a personal pledge to join thousands of others in:

  • Standing up for what is right and speaking out against what is unfair and wrong.
  • Defending those who can’t defend themselves.
  • Striving for a world in which everyone is treated fairly and has an equal chance in life.

What do you need to do?

Dowload the version of the declaration that suits you or your organisation best.

Print it off.

Read it and sign it.

If you are an organisation, union, or institution you may sign as a body together to show your commitment to the declaration.Take a copy to school or work, ask others to sign it and put it on the wall.You may also sign it as an individual and post in your bedroom or personal home as a reminder of your pledge.


did you know?

The late Nelson Mandela was one of the first signatories of the Anne Frank Declaration.



“Anne Frank’s eternal words have inspired people of all ages, religions and nationalities … I am pleased to add my name to those who have signed this Declaration.”

Kofi Annan, Former UN Secretary General, on signing the Anne Frank Declaration in January 1999

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