Anne Frank – A History for Today

This popular exhibition captures the experience of Anne Frank’s life and is used as the foundation for our educational work in schools, communities and prisons.

About Anne Frank – A History for Today

By placing the complex historical events of the Holocaust against the backdrop of the life of one inspirational young person, the exhibition enables visitors to grasp the human consequences of persecution and war. It covers themes such as:

  • Anne Frank’s diary and the history of the Frank family.
  • The introduction of the Nazi racist state.
  • The victims and appalling consequences of the Holocaust.
  • The deliberate and organised nature of genocide.

The exhibition challenges us to think about how these issues are relevant today and what we can do to prevent prejudice and discrimination.

Who is it suitable for?

This is our main educational exhibition and is used as part of our schools and prisons programmes.

It is suitable for adults and children aged 10+.

How much space is required?

This exhibition consists of 40 individual self-supporting panels and is flexible enough for most spaces (e.g. reception area, gym or hall).

How is it run?

It is set up and delivered by Anne Frank Trust staff.

Our staff can provide training and workshop activities to enhance the impact of the exhibition.

Anne Frank: A History for Today is available for a minimum of one week’s hire.

Demand for this exhibition is high, so please book well in advance.


"In terms of learning experience, the Anne Frank Schools Programme is the single most valuable initiative I have experienced as a teacher".

English Teacher in Kirkcaldy

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