Anne Frank Ambassadors are a growing network of students from around our six regions who volunteer to spread Anne’s story and message of hope in local primary schools. They join the programme after fulfilling the role of Peer Guides.

  • Education seminar days that include workshops, tutorials and activities. Students explore prejudice and discrimination and examine how these attitudes contribute to a conflicting and destructive society.
  • Using the knowledge gained in the seminars, students create a workshop aimed at year 6 pupils, which they then deliver to their local primary schools.
  • At the end of the programme, they attend a celebration event, which is a reward for their work and recognition for becoming active citizens.
  • Once they have graduated, Ambassadors have the opportunity to mentor the next generation of students on the programme.


  • Understand the history of the Holocaust and its lessons for their lives and communities.
  • Learn to become active citizens in their local communities.
  • Continue to increase their confidence, public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Develop their creative skills.
  • Build their team-working and leadership skills.
  • Develop positive behaviours and attitudes.


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Mukith Khalisadar



Heather Boyce


East of England

Val Ross


North-West of England

Marian McQueen


North-East of England

Grace Dunne


Yorkshire & Humberside

Grace Nelson